Mittwoch, 26. März 2014

Why Content Is King For SEO

Today i just want to write a short article about why having great content, and content that attracts visitors to your site (especially if its useful) is so important for optimizing your sites. Hopefully you are already using Google Analytics in order to optimize your bounce rate.

In my oppinion, the bounce rate of your site plays a huge role when it comes down to the ranking part. The bounce rate is the rate of visitors that visits your site and bounces back to google, by pushing the return button. The bounce rate can decrease if people start to go through your page and clicking on different links.

In order to get people to click through your website, you need to have engage content. Content that is usefull in their eyes, that shares a lot of value. I highly belief if you are able to write great content, you will be able to decrease your rate dramaticly, which is going to result in better rankings.

A lot of people are trying to use the fast way, publishing useless crap and get a bounce rate of around 80-90% (which is not great). This doesnt definitely help in getter your website ranked.

Watch the video below for more informations about bounce rate.

Short: Publish usefull content that makes people to engage with your website and you are good to go.

I've also interviewed a person who's working for a SEO Agency in Toronto and he told me that they try to keep their clients bounce rate as low as possible. If you are interested you can visit, the guy is called Thomas. They are just trying to give their users a great user experience.

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