Mittwoch, 19. März 2014

Why I Think Most People Fail

Today i wanna write a short article about why i belief that most people fail when they try to optimize their website for the search engines, aswell as point out the most crucial parts that has helped me to become better ranked in Google itself.

The first thing i noticed is that you can influence your rankings by doing some good and relevant on-page optimization. You can make use of H1 tags as an example to give Google some clue what your website is all about. Let's say you live in vermont and you plan to register a domain for a SEO service in your area. Make sure to optimize the H1, Metas and also make sure you have something relevant in your URL like, or something like that. This might help your website a bit to become more relevant for terms like seo service in VT, etc.

Publishing content on a regular basis is another thing that i cant stress out enough. I belief google loves quality, relevant content that can represent your website. If you own a website about roofing, you definitely dont want to write articles about plumbing. Try to stay within the niche of your expertise.

Having said that, i dont really know if Google looks at the word count, but in order to have great quality content, you should write articles up to 400+ words. This is going to make sure your readers benefit from your website, aswell as allow them to have a great user experience.

I guess there is so much more that people can do, but i am not a fan of building links unnaturally. If you have a great website, people start to automaticly link back to your website, so theres no need to use some kind of wierd tactics. Another interesting reading can be found at, talking a bit more about how to use Social Media.

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